This site is brought to you by those fun-loving and dynamic guys in the Information Technology Department at Dale E. Peterson Vacations. You know 'em, you love 'em and here they are once again:

Todd J. Boyles - Web Site Developer
Darin Thomas - Network Administrator and Weekend Programmer
Ken Paine - Project Director and Wannabe Programmer

The site was conceived as a complete community web site for condo and homeowner associations. We hope you find it useful for your association. Should you have ideas for improvement, please do not hesitate to tell us. We're always open to your constructive ideas.

At this time we are offering this service exclusively to associations managed by DEP Vacations. However, through the process of developing this site, we have gained expertise and insight into what we think constitutes a good home and condo owner's community web site. Should you have interest in acquiring our services in developing a community web site for your homeowner's association or any association managed by a non-competing company of DEP Vacations, let us know.